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Hi there! I'm Claudson and I spend most of my days writing PHP and Javascript code and also deploying automated services to the AWS cloud using containers. Currently, I'm working building financial solutions for an ecosystem of digital wallets (e-wallets). In my spare time, I like to give back to the open source community maintaining and making contributions to other projects on Github (most of then related to PHP and the Laravel framework). Also, I like to teach and share knowledge, so just started to blog about things I learn and think might be worth sharing.


Here are some projects I've worked on:

  • Digital Wallet
    Ecosystem of digital wallets and internet banking powered by PHP, Laravel, React and AWS. The core features are the ability to transfer funds from your wallet to traditional banks, top up pre-paid phones, pay bills and the offer of a international pre paid credit card. Live link.
  • Open Source Projects
    Contributions to packages and tools written mostly in PHP and Laravel. Also, there are a few ones using Vue.js, React e React Native. Highlight for the following maintained repositories: CEP Promise PHP, AWS SNS e Câmbio Cartão de Crédito.
  • FBI Rastreamento
    Website and GPS tracking platform for vehicles. Management of tracking devices, vehicles, customers and contracts. Live link.
  • Engeclima
    Local back office system for service orders, sellings and stock management.
  • AdminDCOMP
    Academic management system for the computing department (DCOMP) of Universidade Federal de Sergipe (UFS). The main features are the booking of equipments, labs and other rooms; management of classes; request and follow-up of applications. Live link.
  • Sistema de Informação da Unidade de Reabilitação (SIUR)
    Health information technology project for the physiotherapy department of the Universidade Federal de Sergipe (UFS) teaching hospital. Integrated with the existing patient management system, the main goal was the ability to create and manage fully dynamic evaluation sheets for better patient follow-up.

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I've been working with web applications since 2014. Currently I'm building financial services for an ecosystem of digital wallets for a multinational company based in Florida. I like to collaborate with the community answering questions at Laracasts, maintaining and contributing to open source repositories focused on topics around the PHP and Laravel universe.

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